Construction Services for New and Existing Projects

We work both commercial and residential projects.


Wood and Metal Furring

Our wood and metal furring service uses furring strips to level any surface in order to properly finish it


Small Demolition

Not only do we perform residential and commercial small demolition services, we also do cleanouts and junk removal after each demolition. 


Light Metal Framing

Fully aware that light metal framing significantly impacts any project, Bauhaus Inc. provides customers with a top-of-the-line light metal framing service.


Lay Out

With our full-scale lay outs, customers can save the time and money required for quality control.


Drywall Installation

Bauhaus Inc. can help you make your home or corporate building a secure place by providing top quality drywall installation services.


Acoustic Ceiling

For superior noise reduction and moisture protection our innovative insulation and acoustic ceiling service is your preferred choice.