Drywall Installation

    Looking for a professional-grade drywall contractor? Rest assured you've come to the right place! Bauhaus Inc. can help you make your home or corporate building a secure place by providing top quality drywall installation services. Our drywall installation specialists have all the resources to complete every aspect of drywall installation, from drywall hanging to drywall finishing, in order to suit your own specific requirements.

    If you have issues with your drywall, such as cracks, dents, holes or water damage, Bauhaus Inc.'s highly skilled drywall installation technicians can install, repair, patch, finish and texture drywall to leave the surface looking brand new and as if the issue had never happened. Don't waste money and time trying to do the drywall installation yourself as it is an art that takes years of experience to perfect. Luckily, Bauhaus Inc. can quickly perform any drywall installation in order to meet all your drywall needs to the fullest.


When having drywall installed, business and homeowners must work with companies with a reputation for providing quality service as the drywall is extremely important when building a new commercial building or home. Bauhaus Inc. is the preferred choice for a drywall installation company, hands down. Do you want to avoid making future repairs to the drywall at your home or commercial facility? Only Bauhaus Inc.'s drywall installation professionals can give you the peace of mind that you need. They know exactly what they're doing! Call (305) 255-4599 today for unparalleled drywall installation services. We look forward to serving you!